Just a thought is a self-improvement lifestyle brand that works to inspire people to dive into their own creativity and become the best version of themselves. Just a thought is a place where people can come together to share. Share their stories, share their knowledge.
It is our hope that this platform will become a home for all thoughts. Just a thoughts log is a symbol that stands for “open to change”. This is a perfect description of what we are trying to do. We want to do better! It’s time to do better! Better to our earth, better to each other and better to ourselves. We don’t have to be the best. We just need to be our best! It’s time to step up! Let’s
encourage and help each other become our best self’s!

The founder and CEO of Just a thought is Maja Law. Maja is a certified personal trainer and fitness coach. The company started as just a thought in her head and then, after little flow, became a full bloomed business concept. After going through a rather tough period in her life, she came to a rather important conclusion. Life is nothing without joy.
That is why she chose to start her journey through self-improvement. Focusing on the joy of it. The joy of learning something new. The joy of being a little worse on something than someone and getting the opportunity to learn from them. The joy of being a little better than someone at something and getting the opportunity to share that knowledge.
Reaching goals, challenging ourselves, changing old mindsets, learning in creative, joyful ways how we can help each other to improve and do better and make better, conscious decisions that are good for both ourselves and the earth is what Just a thought is all about.